1. 04 Guide Them

Special guest :
Percu : Layan
Cuivres : Julie Varlet, Vincent Le Fort
Basse : Ben Balzan


Guide dem, Most High,
Guide dem, Universe,
Guide dem,
Me praise fi guide the greedy men looking for power and fame.
Guide dem, Mama Earth,
guide dem , Universe,
( May the elders ) guide dem,
Money won’t save us in the end of the game.

Clear the politician’s vision who see sharp like a knife,
Guide de bank men mind who rate money over life,
Give wisdom to the millionaire fi give thanks and share twice,
Give love to the haters who turn love into ice.
( me seh )
Men too crazy, history too ugly,
Prints of slavery, forced work, colony,
Lithium battery, I phone : Congo fee,
Ben laden, Trump, Macron, Georges bush, Kadafi.
The illusions are well done so we forget the truth,
We are played for a fool since the day we are born,
Pride and greed lead them to send the troupes,
We are prepared from school to the day we will mourn.

Me seh wah we gonna do when we run out of water,
Wah we gonna do when we run out of food to give,
Wah we gonna do when we run out of order,
Wah we gonna do when we run out of space to live.
Tomorrow is a complicated question,
Today we got to raise the vision,
No sorrow shall be the solution,
I pray for we to stop the division.
Me see Europe and the world leaders,
Trying to keep up with the old manners,
Dem no overstand Africa must be free,
Let them grow, let them be.
Let my people be
Set my people free

The system shit in the ocean, no we can’t let it down,
Vomit concrete over the land, no we won’t let it down,
Exhale poison inna di air, no we can’t let down,
Process chemicals in the food, I say don’t let down,
Check your soul, what about it,
See the global warning,
Refugees, what about it,
Populations are growing,
Earthquakes, city shaking,
Floods multiplying,
Bushfire dem a raging,
Cyclones, a common thing.
No one is above and no one is under,
Same fate for all, think about the future,
Raise an action today, it s in your power
Stand for your kin, they deserve the better