1. 07 No matter

Special guest :
Guitare vibe : Charlie Akuen
Basse acoustique : Ben Balzan
Drums : Layan


No matter where you come from, no matter where you go,
No matter your religion, no matter what you own,
No matter what you have and no matter what you owe,
No matter all this when I come say hello.
I don’t know your worries and you dont know mine,
But we can meet tonight and have a good time,
As i remember, Love is not a crime,
So why do we live now on the border-line?
I don’t know your story and you dont know mine,
But it won’t change your life and it won’t change mine,
I just want respect from each and every side,
Each one is a human so we must stand aside.

I see conflict and fear everywhere,
Armies and bombs hitting here and there,
The death shadow in the air,
It’s gone too far, shame on the one who harm another.
I see conflict and fear everywhere,
But I see hope flowing here and there,
Ideas rising in the air,
It will go far, spread the message to one another.

Hold on ready, hold on steady,
Peace warrior inna mission, see me, see me,
Me use reggae, this is my way.
To give a bit of love to this world and trust me,
We need it, I believe it,
If you believe too, raise a hand come on do it,
Can you see this, the tree grows leaves,
I want you to feel, dat, this is real.
Count on one another and rise altogether,
Time is not to wonder, let’s set things in order,
I push you up to a higher height,
Take you with me on a brighter side.


In fact, people’s active on instagram,
Passive about the world wide instant drama,
Called loneliness : virtual life, plenty fake friends,
So many depressed, facing themselves to what they pretend.
Some a dem are poor, far from all this,
And go insecure, slave from our justice,
I can’t stand this, so I sing for the peace,
Break all the rules and plant my own seed.
I’ve got so many questions and not enough answers,
But i’ve got love and hope to secure my future.